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Nudiarist interviews Rosemarie Orwin - Artists' Model

Rosemarie Orwin is an Artists' Model and is not shy about her body.  Today she frequently is nude for her work yet when she first started admits she had fears of body image to overcome.  On her first modelling job she said:
The euphoria I experienced from my first modelling job was a
combination of relief, the fact that I had actually managed to keep
still for such a long time and the very fact that I had the nerve to go
through with this incredible challenge. As I said before, by nature, I
don't have a positive opinion of my body and I am actually a shy person.
Read the whole interview over at The Diary of a Nudist.

What is interesting is that I hear similar stories of people who feel like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders the first time they are nude in a social situation.  A feeling of relief from all the emotions tied to keeping their body in hiding for so long.  It's good to realize that it is ok to not only have a body, but that you no longer have to feel shame or inadequacy because of it.
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