May 4th, 2011

Woman Loses Phone; Nude Pictures Sent to Contacts

There are many stories out there about nude photos being stolen from phones and shared with the world, and this one is reallly no different. What makes these stories worthy of news organizations publishing actual stories is that our society still sees the nude body as something to be hidden. We never hear in the news about people having photos of their bare feet shared all over the Internet.

When I was growing up my mother had this theory about cookies in a cookie jar. That when left out in the open, they are consumed slower than when they are hidden. The idea being that when they are out in the open they are less interesting when they are just always there. When hidden, its easier to act like they are special and that you may even be decieving yourself a bit about the rate at which they are being consumed -- there are always plently left until you eat the last one.

My point quite simply is, we should all do more to make nudity normal. We should be taking our queues from countries that have a healthier body/self image. It should really come as no surprise that "sexting" and stories of stolen nude pics seems to be uniquely American.

So if you find yourself the center of one of these stories, the best way to diffuse the issue is to simply shrug it off. It only becomes a big deal because you make it so, and that doesn't help our collective body self/image.

Nude Photo of Daughter leads to.. nothing

My previous post reminded me of a story I read years ago in "The Event (now known as Naturally Magazine)" about a nudist mother who had taken photos of her family at a costume party at their nudist club. In one photo her ~11 year old daughter looked to be dressed up in what might be something of a provocative costume to a non-nudist. But to a nudist it was an incredibly innocent photo, something any one of us would want to take of our own kids.

When this family took the film to be developed at the local photo store ( yes this story is that old ), the store employees did not panic and call the police. The family was very open about their nudist life and friend who worked at the photo lab that knew they were nudists was able to see the photos in the light we all would want, as no big deal - or just cute family photos.

It was a great story of how being open about nudism in your life can be a good thing. If you hide your way of life, that implies there must be something shameful about it, and people can take that queue from you. In my humble opinion, its better to be open about who you are.