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Naturist Kirtan featured in Naturally Magazine

An article by Diane Cesa about our Naturist Kirtan event with Gandharva and Party this past February is in the current issue of Naturally Magazine. Here is an excerpt:

[Gandharva] Sauls and company kicked off the Kirtan with a balancing chant, then a group Om and peace invocation. The chanting lasted for over an hour, with both the music and Sauls getting louder with each chant, eventually building to a heart-pounding crescendo. By the end of the performance, Saul's voice exhibited a guttural wildness, which seemed to be echoed in the enthusiams of the small crowd before him, as they chanted along with [Sarah] Tomlinson.

If you would like to join us for one of these events, Gandharva and Party will be back on June 16th. Then on August 4th Robin Renee will be here for another great evening of Naturist Kirtan.
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