dspeers (dspeers) wrote,

Naturist Yoga - For Real People

There have been a number of stories of late about nude or naked yoga.  Most seem to refer to "Hot Nude Yoga," classes.  From everything I have gathered, those classes are not about the yoga, but about the "hot nude" part - especially those that are for men only.

Naturist Yoga, as I call it, is about the yoga.  My classes are clothing optional, so there is no requirement to be nude, but there is a requirement to be respectful of others and their space.  We are here for the benefits of experiencing yoga without any restrictions of movement, and also the improved sense of self-esteem we get from being accepted and respected for who we are as a whole person.

In the four years that I have been teaching this class, there has never been a problem.  Each person who attends must agree to some simple rules and guidelines for the class - which help to both ensure that people understand the style and purpose of the class, and to deter those that have inappropriate motives.
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