dspeers (dspeers) wrote,

"Fish Don’t Know They’re in Water"

Just saw this posting over at Lifehacker ( http://lifehacker.com ) about the above quote by Derek Sivers. What got me to thinking is the possible origin of the quote which comes from this joke:

one fish asks another fish "how's the water?" The other fish replies, "what the hell is water?"
As a society we are /used/ to wearing clothes.  So used to it that even the thought of being without them evokes many fears and often shrieks of shock.   When trying to explain nudism to someone who has never experienced it they often have a very hard time contemplating the idea.  They imagine all sorts of things, non of which come from the actual experience.

I'm often jealous of those that get to live full time in a clothes free setting such as Cypress Cove.  I love the very idea that to me clothing should be the feeling that is strange.  In my daily life I often feel like I'm there, but I also get the strange feeling sometimes that I should be dressed ( I know, perish the thought ).  I push through it because I know this is how I want to be.

Still, it occurs to me that this idea of a fish not knowing what water is may be a good way to help someone understand why nudists like going without clothes, and perhaps what is wrong with the perception of clothing being a "normal" state.

But one day, perhaps more of us can say, "what the hell are clothes?"

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