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The Naturist Journal

The Naturist Journal (www.naturistjournal.com) is the site I ran along with my wife for many years. We would post news stories and other short articles and even answer questions about family oriented naturism. The site used to be based on slashcode, the software behind Slashdot, which is great for posting articles, taking comments and managing users.
Since those days many other sites now find great news stories and there are a variety of naturist bloggers that provide great content on naturist related news and topics. There are so many in fact that its hard to list them all, however I will note a few to take note of:

    Chet Kresiak is probably the most prolific poster of both news stories and a wide variety of nude photos. I can appreciate that by posting so many photos he attempts to make naturism seem more normal. I would be more selective in my choice of what naturism means by way of photos than he is, but that is probably more my idealism. He also posts news stories to his twitter feed.
Lady Godiva
    While she has been a naturist for a while she came to the attention of many by participating in OneAndOther and sitting on the Plinth nude, on a rocking horse. Since then she has gathered quite a following, helping to promote naturism on a very positive way.
Samantha Lynn Gilmour
    Samantha is very new to the naturist blogging world and seems off to a good start. She posts from her own personal perspective and not intentionally about promoting naturism, though she does anyway. We need more people like this posting stories in this way.
Like I said, the above is a sample - there are so many out there. Many use tumblr now and quite a few are on twitter.

For my part I do plan to post more in the coming year, both on naturism and other topics - just with my own twist on things. I use twitter for the most part, feel free to follow me there.

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