dspeers (dspeers) wrote,

Best Nude Scenes of 2012

First let me just make this clear, we are not talking about my home movies.  No, this is actually a story about real movies, you know, the kind you go to see in a movie theater.  You know, those places you went to before Netflix came along.

Second, yes I know this is not strictly a naturist topic.  But what I do find interesting about this is how movies tend to reflect and possibly drive the social idea of what is normal/ok nudity wise -- kind of like a social attitude measuring stick.  Of course, you should expect the default attitude of nudity == sex and not much in the way of casual nudity.  And while I really don't see the Hollywood attitude having changed much, there are few gems in the roundup from the Huffington Post.  Of note is the funny shower scene in "Take This Waltz" with Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman.

(h/t: Nudiarist)
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