Thinking of signing up for Verizon FIOS?

So we just bought a new HD TiVo and order two new CableCARDS to make it work, and Damn. This thing is absolutely amazing. So many HD channels and the all look spectacular. We watched Mythbusters in HD last night, the Coffee creamer explosion in full HD - wow (episode 105 for those keeping track).

Now, the TiVo series 2 unit we had before is still hooked up and working fine, it's just moved to another room. Multi-Room Viewing with TiVo is simply an awesome idea. Each one can see the programs recorded by the other -- though the S2 can't play HD recordings :( . Still, this makes the kids happy, they can watch their shows in either room, and their season passes won't clobber our shows anymore - yay!

And lastly, Verizon FIOS kicks butt. If you plan to go with Verizon FIOS, let me know and I'll put you in as a referral - there's some kind of special or somthing, and I get a kickback - sweet.

Penn Sylvan - Getting some Exposure

We've been to Penn Sylvan (PSHS) many times, and while we can make a day trip of it, it is still a bit too far to go regularly. It's a great place, very family friendly and you can't beat having an indoor pool and hot tub.

It's nice to see PSHS get some publicity. The Reading Eagle (Reading, PA) has a great story about PSHS, it's history and relationship to the local community. If you happen to be visiting the area or simply passing through, PSHS is a must visit.

Oh, and this explains what motivated the Eagle to find out about the legality of nudism (see my previous post).

Barbados once had a nudist resort

According to Al Gilkes the parish of St. Philip in Barbados once was home to a full service nudist resort. The story of the once nudist resort came up in conversation recounted by Gilkes in recent column.
It was the assignment of a lifetime as photographer, the late Charles Hackett, and I sped to St Philip for the scoop that the resort was open and, in fact, had received its first guests.
He freely admits his false impression of what he was to find there. The resort didn't last long, it closed due to the puritan pressures of the island.

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